The preferred heat exchange system for chemical process industries

January 30th, 2013
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The preferred heat exchange system for chemical process industries

Shell Tube Heat Exchangers is a kind of heat exchanger specifically used in oil refineries and other places in the chemical process industry. It is perfect for high pressure based applications. The reason this heat exchanger is called shell tube because it consists of a shell, which is generally a large pressure vessel with bundle of tubes within it. The principle of mechanism is one fluid running through tube and another fluid flowing over the tubes. This allows heat to be transferred between the two fluids.  These heat exchangers are most widespread used in the process industries. The reason being they provide a large ratio for heat transfer to weight and volume. They can be easily constructed in sizes varying over wide ranges. Moreover, they are ruggedly built which aides them in reciprocating myriad stresses and gnawing strains which exude owing to any chemical process. Their design, expertise and development are available in abundance and this makes shell tube heat exchangers the choice for chemical process industries.

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