Solar heat exchanger

January 2nd, 2013
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Solar heat exchanger

A solar heat exchanger is an efficient way to transfer heat between two completely different liquids. The liquids can be same or have completely different physical properties. A solar heat exchanger allows the transfer of energy, efficiently without any heat loss. Heat exchangers can be made of steel, bronze, aluminium, copper. In very cold regions, where it is usually put to use, an anti freeze is used to protect the collector from freezing. A heat exchanger uses a fluid that circulates through the solar collector, takes in the heat and flows through a heat exchanger to transfer its heat to water in a storage tank. Once the heating takes place it can spread by any desirable method through the entire house .It can also be used in a radiant space or a pool heating system effectively. This system is highly efficient because there is no input and solar energy is used.

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