An Article on Shell Tube Heat Exchanger

February 5th, 2013
by admin

An Article on Shell Tube Heat Exchanger

One of the most preferred types of heat exchange devices is that of the shell tube heat exchanger. It has got the ability to perform superlatively as a cooling solution for a wide range of applications regarding the same. The cooling of hydraulic fluid, oil engines and the hydraulic power packs are greatly served by a shell tube heat exchanger. It further lays its hands on transmissions, swimming pool water and charge air. Availing the perfect materials for the manufacturing of the equipment, it can be used for heating and cooling purposes by different other mediums too. There are different models and designs for serving various particular needs. The device can be used as boilers and condensers by the industrialists. The shell tube heat exchanger also finds its usage in power plants and steam engine locomotive industries. Having so many uses, the device is presently available in almost all parts of the world.

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