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What are flat plate heat exchangers?

October 31st, 2012

What are flat plate heat exchangers?

Heat exchangers are an important and a permanent part of the household these days. One of the main uses of these heat exchangers include more radiant and efficient water heating. These heat exchangers are also used for heating swimming pools, spas, inner household. One of these exchangers includes the flat plate heat exchanger. The success and increased advantage of the flat plate heat exchanger include compact designs as well as higher rates of heat transfer. For the first time, flat plate heat exchanger was introduced in the year 1920. The heat exchangers that have been used in the past in the household have now been replaced by the new, efficient and more compact flat plate heat exchanger. One of the main heat exchangers that have been replaced by the flat plate heat exchanger includes shell and tube heat exchangers.

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Advantages Of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

October 14th, 2012

Brazed plate heat exchangers are compact and economically efficient. Lack of tightening design makes a brazed plate heat exchanger highly compact. Its compactness also contributes to the weight and the price of the brazed plate heat exchanger when compared to a shell and tube heat exchanger of equal capacity.
Brazed plate heat exchanger is greatly compatible to very high temperature and to high load at a temperature in the feeding pipeline above 120 degree Celsius.

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Hot Water Heat Exchanger

October 2nd, 2012

What is one of the most important tools that we have in our homes? The
answer is the hot water heat exchanger. There are many type of hot water
heat exchangers available today such as; shell and tube heat
exchangers, brazed plate heat exchanger, pool heaters, wood furnace heat
exchanger, wood boiler heat exchanger, flat plate heat exchanger, and
plate heat exchangers. They are responsible for many of the appliances
used today. Thanks to the heat exchanger, we are able to have heaters in
the winter, warm showers, and they are used in your home appliances
like the microwave. They separate both the cold and the hot liquids so
they don’t come into contact, which is what makes it successful. So, the
idea is that they just switch the liquid for the other one. This allows
people to use heating during winter or bathe with warm water. Thanks
to the advances in technology, there are many hot water heat exchangers
that are becoming energy efficient as well as good for the planet.
Choosing the right model can help your home become energy efficient and
save you a great sum of money. And the planet will also benefit if you
use a hot water heat exchanger.

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